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Appearantly a number of people have expressed some opposition to the undeniable fact that Jesus is Hitler. After going back and checking the facts on our end, we have come to the this conclusion:
The following people are Hitlers.

----- Original Message -----
From: Kieron Nolan
Sent: Thu, July 18, 2013 10:06 am
Subject: Oh dear...

Dear Cunt,

I hate to be the one to inform you, but you are delusional , and have no concept of reality. I am neither a firm believer, or disbeliever of either protagonist , which renders me unbiased.

It is unfortunate that search engines such as ( the broken ) Gooooogle still link to your pre-pubesent website.

That's pretty much all.

I Heil myself.


P.S. I was bought a a catholic, but have not believed that pathetic story either for over 30 years. Notice I use lower caps 'c' for catholic.

P.P.S If you are over the age of 9, I suggest strongly that you seek immediate professional psychological advice, because your brain is malfunctioning.

I must say, I have never come across someone who was "bought a a catholic". What are you trying to say, exactly? That you purchased a person who subscribes to the beliefs and rituals of Catholicism? Or were you paid to go to Church? Also, I noticed that you used a lowercase 'c'. There's no need to point it out because I can fucking read, dipshit. I'm not the one who needs a third grade lesson on grammar.
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From: Seven Peña-Rice
Sent: Saturday, December 20, 2003 1:24 AM
Subject: i hate you

i hate you all, you should all die for being so stupid.  you must have put a lot of thought on the shitter for this site guys.  i congradulate you on giving me and my friend a few good laughs and tears, but you guys are just plain out............stupid.
person that hates stupid people (you)

I have never seen such an accurate e-mail address. Your e-mail address sums you up better than any I have ever seen,
----- Original Message -----
From: The Klaucks
Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2003 5:48 PM
Subject: Jesus is not hitler!!!!!!

You are a loser!
 i dont know you or how many times your mother drobed you on your head as a chiled. But hitler is not hitler. Hitler was an evil man that killed millions of jews! i hope you rot in hell with hitler!
Some one who desent like you

There are morons, and there are morons. Sorry, neither of our mothers ever 'drobed' us on our heads as a 'chiled'. Your stance that Hitler is not Hitler is one that we have never encountered before. At least you are original. Or should I say, 'special'.
----- Original Message -----
From: Bryan Fox
Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2003 10:56 PM
Subject: Hitler...

As appalling as your disquisition is, I can say it has utterly bemused me as to your "evangelical" views on Jesus. If I was a follower of faith, I would most likely be just as enraged as the others who have professed their anger to you. But rather, I personnally found your irreverent preachings to show the underlying nature of your sociopathic qualities. Your stigmatization of Christ truely exemplifies your obstinate nature and your intransigent email replies to those enraged emailers is surely undeniable proof of your iconoclastic ways. Apart from your underlying fascination with Hitler, I have very little doubt that you are indeed of the German National Socialist Party, i.e. a Nazi. I can only assume that you were horribly mistreated as a child, maybe had a bad run in with Cathlic preist, and that your website is desperate attempt for attention. Hence forth, I can only hope that your "Nazi Jesus" brings you a happy euthanasia you ethocentric Hitler.

Hey vocabulary boy, put down the thesaurus and take your thumb out of your ass. Everybody hates you. Trust me. Go listen to some old R.E.M. you psuedo-intellectual, too hip for the room, piece of shit.
----- Original Message -----
From: Michael Costlow
Sent: Sunday, December 14, 2003 8:44 PM

I can't believe you would put somethin like this online, even as a joke...I am deeply appaled by the flagerant lack of respect for not only christians, but for Christ who died to forgive people like you of their go parading stuff like this around like it is nothing, seriously, think about the punishment you deserve for this...your lucky God is a lot more merciful than I am

Yea? Name one way that you're not Hitler.
----- Original Message -----
From: Roy Rollins
Sent: Sunday, September 14, 2003 2:00 PM

Too bad Jesus was an Arab you dolt. You will one day, rot in hell and get gung-fucked by Heimlich himmler and Hitler. you're probably Canadian too.

Well, I guess that fact, if it were true, would completely negate our stance that Jesus hates Jews, because we all know all Arabs LOVE Jews. Oh wait. Moron.
----- Original Message -----
From: Courtney Sullivan
Sent: Thursday, December 11, 2003 7:50 PM
Subject: Wow with a capital W

I give your site two

I had no idea that people of your caliber of senselessness still existed in this world...apparently I was sorely mistaken....

...To conclude, you’re a dumb fuck who is in desperate need of a decent education as soon as possible and I am tired of typing…          


I have omitted approximately 4 pages of text from this e-mail. Why? Because nobody wants to read 4 pages of incessant babble written by some teenage girl who thinks she has any shred of superior intelligence. Hey Courtney, I hope you find solace in the fact that you rambled on for 4 pages, probably about how much we suck and how terrible this site is, and we didn't even have the common courtesy to read it. That's right, neither of us read it, and no visitor to this site will EVER read more than what has been posted.
----- Original Message -----
From: Martin Kwiatkowski
Sent: Tuesday, December 09, 2003 5:07 PM
Subject: u r gay

u have no proof so therefore u are a fag

By that same logic, you have no proof that we are 'fags', therefore you are a 'fag'. Nice try, Hitler.
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, December 07, 2003 8:45 PM
Subject: (no subject)

hello. i am very very very very very upset at this site. as a mother and a human being i am disgusted at this site! you must be very ashamed of yourself! jesus put you on this earth to love and to care. and you of all people decide to take advantage of this. i hate this! you should take this away and never make any other website. you should change your mind about this and decide to go to read the articles it will change you and make you a better person. go to church and repent. hitler was a horrible man and jesus died for you! he gave his life for you. and you decide to take advantage of it! this is all i have to say!

We are very very very very very upset about your e-mail, though we are glad to see that the aforementioned e-mail was written by a human being, and not a goat. But don't tell us who put us on this earth and for what reason you whiney little bitch. Instead of us going to (aka Hitler's homepage) and reading Nazi propaganda, how about you do the following:

1. Pull your bottom lip over your head.
2. Swallow.

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, December 07, 2003 8:37 PM
Subject: (no subject)

let me start off by saying that I'm Jewish and I've been raised in a Jewish home. Having said that, I'd like to say that your site is dumb. these so-called "artifact" pictures you have on your site look like you edited a couple pictures in 5 seconds in Photoshop. that scroll is obviously fake. It's not even a picture, it's a computer generated graphic. the thing about having Jesus and Hitler giving Batman a blowjob caught on tape is just idiotic. the graphic of the cross turning into a swastika is a far stretch. It'd be like saying that the inventor of the plus sign must have been anti semetic.
how is Mein Kampf a sequel to the bible?
how did Jesus know about the canadian sport curling? Canada hadn't been discovered in Jesus's time
how do you know that Jesus and Hitler enjoyed pineapple on their pizza?
you see, though you may have some very interesting points on your site, I have a hard time believing a lot of the opinions you like to call facts on your site. For example, your timeline is complete bullshit. except for the part about Hitler killing the Jews. the rest is utter bullshit. you should really think about what you're saying before you put up a site with fake images and passing them off as evidence that Jesus is Hitler

Why do you insist on covering up the facts, Nazi? Just because you write that something is fake, or untrue, doesn't mean that you are right. You are very wrong, my friend. You better get in touch with your Jewish roots and stay away from Nazi/Christian propaganda.

Now, to answer your questions.

Q: How is Mein Kampf a sequel to the bible?
A: By definition of the word sequel. If you look at the title page of Mein Kampf, you will clearly see that it reads, "Mein Kampf: Holy Bible II".

Q: How did Jesus know about the Canadian sport curling? Canada hadn't been discovered in Jesus's time.
A: It's called being omniscient. Maybe you've heard of it.

Q: How do you know that Jesus and Hitler enjoyed pineapple on their pizza?
A: We typed "What do Jesus and Hitler like on their pizza?" into Google, and it came back with pineapple.

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, December 07, 2003 3:16 AM
Subject: wtf

All i have to say is What the fuck?  i'm guessing it is a joke because no one can be that fucking stupid and if you are, damn, what was your mother smoking.  this is the worse thing i have ever seen.  i'm not a very religious person, but when someone starts comparing jesus to hitler, it's gone a little too far.  even if this is a joke you should still burn in hell for saying such a thing.  may god banish you in to the flames of hell for all eternity and you burn to a deep crisp like a burnt turkey on baking with julia childs.  no fuck jesus and hitler has never been in the same place.  do you suck that bad in math and history?  and pineapple on their pizza?  jesus ate sheep, not gourmet pizzas.  and finally, picked on in high school?  that explains itself right there.  i don't think jesus had any education past a manger level you stupid fuck.  so before posting such stupid shit, get your damn facts straight asshole.

"All i have to say is What the fuck?"

Ahh, if only that were a true statement.

Instead, you decided to babble about how this site is the 'worse' thing you have ever seen and we have 'gone a little too far'. Who the FUCK are you to decide what is and what is not too far? What gives you that authority? What gives you the authority to sentence us to eternal damnation? What are you, some kind of Hitler? Now that I think about did say you wanted us to burn to a deep crisp, which is interesting, because as I remembered it, Hitler decided that he had the authority to burn people to a crisp. Nice try, holocaust man.


This asshole just won't quit. After posting his hatemail, he responded with this:

well what gives you the authority to post such shit. what a fucking asshole i swear. and fuck face, hitler used gas chambers

Funny how you express so much hatred for this site, yet continue to keep checking back for updates. Oh, and I guess the ashes of burned bodies falling over Auschwitz was just snow.

----- Original Message -----
From: Michael B. Fuhre
Sent: Saturday, December 06, 2003 11:28 PM

 mIKE f

Wow, you really suck at life. Follow the following 4 steps to be promoted from shithead to douchebag.

1. No matter what you say, if your e-mail is in all capslock, you are wrong. So stop it.

2. Exclamation points, no matter how many you use, do not make you any more right. Give it a rest.

3. Get some more creative words than 'faggot' and 'dumbfuck' you frothy mixture of astroglide, semen, and fecal matter that is all to often a byproduct of unadultered anal sex. (aka Santorum)

4. Bitch, shut the fuck up and go make me a sandwhich.

----- Original Message -----
From: tom hanley
Sent: Thursday, December 04, 2003 6:00 PM

Ahhh man, this is just rediculous. This pretty much isn't even a joke. I don't you that you believe it is, but really, I can't find one reason you would put it up just to piss people off. I guess that your Jewish. The Jews believe in God, they also believe in Jesus. They just don't believe jesus was an extension of God. Obviously you should hit the Torah Jew boy. Oh and I have an other question about the Jews, since you seem to attempt to represent the religion. Why do the Jewish people like to have family around, and a party, to watch a Jewish baby get circumcised? Hmmm I guess Jewish people like to see bloody baby penis shoot piss all over the floor.

Thanks for the lesson in Judaism, fact boy.
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, November 30, 2003 7:55 PM
Subject: How dare you

Why in the world do you think you can make a site like this? It's totally unmoral. You DO NOT have the right to post something of this magnitude in public. If you think this personally then ok, but to do it publicly is just horribly bad. DO YOU NOT HAVE A  CONSCIENCE? I'm not going to cuss you out or wish death on you like my friend,  because then I'd be just as bad as you. But really I DO hope you feel bad for doing this. My parents taught me there was two types of people in the world. Moral and UNMORAL people. I deeply think you belong in the second catagory. I'm gonna leave you with these last words. If you believe you want to do bad then you'll do bad. AND I do hope Mr. Wilcox, and Mr. b-how ever you spell it, learn that the world only lives by love and hope and when you make a site like this you ruin those qualities.

Hmm, for a person that knows so much about what is moral and UNMORAL, you sure know dick about rights.

Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

This is America, not Nazi Germany. Now go home and get your fuckin' shinebox!

----- Original Message -----
From: Hodder household
Sent: Sunday, November 30, 2003 12:45 AM
Subject: oh my drol

As an official hate mailer, i don't know why i would waste my time sendng this, but u'r site was too stupid even to be funny. As an Accomplished athiest who has spent time finding Valid arguments to use on the poor believers in the so called" christ" and this must register somewhere up the top of "top ten stupid reasons to not believe in 'god' ". 
However, if u removed the more obviously...... made up arguments, u might have a (barely scraping through) decent site...
Good luck with that one,
This little pig went to Hades
This little pig stayed home
This little pig ate raw and steaming human flesh
This little piggy violated virgins
And this little pig clambered over a heap of dead bodies to get to the top

Well Me, what the fuck is an "official" hate mailer? Better yet, what the fuck is an "accomplished" atheist? Better yet, shut the fuck up, asshole.
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, November 29, 2003 7:21 PM
Subject: you are insane

you have no proof, you are insane

The proof is in the pudding.
----- Original Message -----
From: Terry
Sent: Saturday, November 29, 2003 2:26 PM

shame on you !!! you will be next to Satan you bloody Jew coarse on you dirty smoke you Jewish dirty  bastard wait until you go to hail together  with your father the antichrist  

Can you say anti-Semite? And as far as the grammar goes...Wow.
----- Original Message -----
From: hennylauf
Sent: Friday, November 28, 2003 4:25 AM

weird ass

Hitler face.
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, November 28, 2003 4:00 AM
Subject: dude

what the fuck is wrong with you batman blowjobs? how much crak do u fucking smoke?

----- Original Message -----
From: Mike Medlin
Sent: Thursday, November 27, 2003 11:27 PM

You sick freak!!!
Do you want to BURN IN HELL?
Because that’s where you are heading!!!!

And you are heading to excessive exclamation mark hell!!!!!!
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, November 27, 2003 10:20 PM
Subject: FUCKER

WHAT IN THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM? IF YOU DONT BELIEVE IN JESUS THEN FUCK OFF AND BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU BELIEVE. Jesus had nothing to do with Hitler...I mean Jesus is gods son and god commanded moses to save the Hebrews. Now what if it was jesus who told Moses to save the hebrews? HUH YOU RACIST SICK ASS PIG? SOOKA thats what you are HOOY sookaHooy! you and your nasty little german language...FUCK OFF AND I HOPE THE FLAG POLE GETS SHOVED SO FAR UP YOUR ASS THAT IT TAKES YOU OUT INTO OBLIVION
~*~Tory princess of all things James Marsters and his counterpart Spike~*~The blonde british vampire always goes for the viper

"...what if it was jesus who told Moses to save the hebrews?..."
What if dipshit? What if you went back in time and killed your parents before you were born? Would you instantly cease to exist? And if so, then who just shot your parents? WHAT IF PEOPLE didn't arbitrarily SWITCH between capital and LOWERCASE? What if there were no hypothetical questions? HUH YOU BRAINLESS NAZI SHITHEAD? What the fuck is your problem? If you don't believe that Jesus is Hitler then fuck off and believe in what you believe. Jesus had everything to do with Hitler. So you fuck off and hopefully you will get raped by a giraffe so hard that when it's all said and done you will be left disembowelled and hyenas will come along and devour your entrails.

~*~Christians and Nazis are one and the same~*~Ending emails with 'signatures' is always lame
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, November 27, 2003 10:20 PM
Subject: (no subject)

 I just saw your site and I am completely shocked. Who do you think you are saying stuff like that? It is completely wrong and awful. What is wrong with you?! I mean really, you need to get a better hobbie than bashing Jesus. He is NOT Hitler. You need to get a life. I'm sure you have gotten your ass kicked by many people and I don't blame them. You are a awful person and you really need to be shot. I would never wish death on anyone but in this case, you deserve it.

 1. You're wrong. Jesus IS Hitler.
2. nev·er   Audio pronunciation of "never" ( P )  Pronunciation Key  (nvr)
  1. Not ever; on no occasion; at no time: He had never been there before. You never can be sure.
  2. Not at all; in no way; absolutely not: Never fear. That will never do.
 3. WoRsT. SCreENamE. EevR.

----- Original Message -----
From: Mike Crowl
Sent: Thursday, November 27, 2003 6:09 AM

you're a fag

You're a Hitler.
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, November 26, 2003 5:40 PM
Subject: DUDE

dude what the hell? how much crak do  you smoke? i mean no offense or anything but batman wasnt even around when jesus was around and plus there wasnt video tapes back then

Um, maybe you didn't know, but Jesus has the superhuman ability to time travel.
----- Original Message -----
From: Ryan G. DeVries
Sent: Wednesday, November 26, 2003 5:21 PM
Subject: I hate you

I hate you...your thoughts intrigue me, but I hate you nonetheless...adios means "with God go" so that is what I say to you.

You know who else was extremely hateful? A dictator who went by the name Adolf Hitler.
----- Original Message -----
From: phydeaux
Sent: Saturday, November 22, 2003 9:44 PM
Subject: Tsk, tsk, tsk.........

Shame on you.
Your lame attempt at humor has failed. Lucky for you (and the rest of us too) that it's important to God that each man has a freewill to choose his own way. No joke that we make up will change who HE is.
~"I pissed on the man who called me a dog;
     Why was he so surprised?"

Your lame attempt at hatemail has failed. Lucky for you (and the rest of us) there is a solution to your problem.