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Q: Why does Jesus hate Jews?
A: It has been said that Jesus first started hating Jews when they rejected his idea of putting a swastika on a dreidel. He also doesn't agree with inter-racial relationships and Jews were banging his family and all the females at his high school. This also made him jealous because they caused him to not get any play. The real answer is, Jesus just hates Jews. That's who he is. It's what he's about.

Q: If Jesus first developed his severe hatred of Jews when his idea of a swastika on a dreidel was rejected, then why did he reportedly kill a caveman that he suspected of becoming a Jew as early as 20,000,000 BC?
A: Jesus has the ability to time travel.

Q: Why wouldn't he just kill them all off?
A: Well first of all his dad probably wouldn't let him. And what fun would it be for him if he had no people to torture?

Q: My parents worship Jesus. Are they bad?
A: Yes, tell them every time they pray to him they are supporting racism and praising not only Jesus, but Hitler!

Q: Should I be offended by a cross on a necklace?
A: Next time you see that cross, just think of it as a swastika

Q: I think I still have faith in Christ. Should I still pray?
A: Whatever floats your boat. But, instead of saying "amen", make sure you say HEIL JESUS!

Q: You said Jesus is a raging alcoholic and a pothead. I thought Hitler didn't drink or do drugs?
A: You're right. While up in Heaven Jesus went through rehab several times and was a recovering alcoholic/drug addict while he was Hitler.

Q: Is Jesus REALLY Hitler?
A: Yes, yes he is.

Q: Jesus isn't Hitler. You should take this site down.
A: You know who else was in favor of censorship? That's right. HITLER!